Industrial Marketing for Global Competitors

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Industrial Marketing for Global Competitors


Technological advances have always been a key focus for industrial manufacturers. As new technologies are constantly being developed and refined, many have not yet applied digital technologies to marketing. As we examine the following quotations by industry leaders, let’s explore ways to use these issues and concerns to guide our marketing strategies.

Strategic Positioning

To be recognized as a global competitor, manufacturers must communicate tangible differentiation with geographic segmentation. Because the stakes are higher than they have ever been, American industrial manufacturers can no longer afford to rely on traditional distribution channels and supplier loyalties. Small ponds have gone the way of the dodo bird.

Reliance on Infrastructure

“As manufacturers, our ability to move parts—from suppliers to our factory and finished goods from our factory to our customers—relies on the highways, railways, aviation, and seaports of America. If we cannot move goods quickly and consistently, we cannot provide the advantage of efficiency to our customers, and therefore, we cannot be competitive. We must remember that it is our infrastructure that allows our American manufacturing operations to remain competitive in the global economy.”

Susan Alt, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Volvo Group North America


While we may be aware of how to improve our outcomes, our ability to act may be limited or nonexistent. As industrial manufacturers face obstacles related to infrastructure, they may still excel in their strategic positioning, creating unique opportunities within their spheres of influence.

Role of Technology

“The key is to find the intersection between what is mechanically viable—that is, what can the technology do—and what is economically viable—what is cost-effective to implement.”

Zach Simkin, Co-President, Senvol


As we weigh options related to the economic feasibility of implanting technological innovations, there are always conditions and perimeters that place even the most amazing tool out of reach. The explosion of digital technology has consistently driven the cost of manufacturing down.

Achieving Success through Inbound Digital Marketing

Which tool can help industrial manufacturers successfully expand their reach to new markets by communicating tangible differentiation with geographic segmentation? Inbound digital marketing enables companies to create new opportunities through strategic positioning despite industry-wide limitations while significantly reducing costs, compared to traditional marketing, and increasing ROI.

Marketing Essentials is an experienced inbound digital marketing agency that helps companies identify opportunities to increase sales through a highly-targeted marketing program that focuses on meeting and exceeding your goals.

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