Reduce Costs and Drive Revenue with Cold Emails

Posted by Patty Cisco on July 17, 2015 at 6:11 AM     Email & Automation
Reduce Costs and Drive Revenue with Cold Emails, you want to reduce your manufacturing business costs and generate more revenue? Well, who doesn’t?! Lucky for you, I’ve got just the answer on how to do so.

Cold. Emails.

But what is a “cold” email, you ask? Prepare to be amazed.Contractors Blueprint to Acquiring New lEadsCold Emails: The equivalent of a cold call--the solicitation of business from potential customers who have had no prior contact with the salesperson conducting the call-- except you don’t have to call! Don’t like talking to people on the phone? Don’t have the time to talk to people on the phone? We know time is always a constant battle in your busy day filled with meetings or overseeing the production line. Great! Cold emails are for you.

Always remember, creating and possessing the best product in the universe is great, but unless people know about it then it really doesn’t even matter at all. So, how do you market your product then? Traditional marketing is expensive, I know. Luckily, with cold emails, all you need is a little creativity and an email address.

Do’s and Don’ts of Cold Emails


  1. Develop a killer subject line. Make it interesting. This is the first thing your prospect will see and will determine whether or not they open the email or hit “delete.”
  2. Keep it short, sweet, to the point, and actionable. Don’t waste their time. Your prospect is busy, busy, busy and doesn’t have the time to read a mile-long email. Keep it to one (maybe two) paragraphs at most.
  3. Use a conversational tone. Keep it authentic to your brand, but don’t let yourself sound like a robot! Personalize your email content so your prospect knows that the email is individualized to them specifically, and not being sent out to thousands of users at once. Be UNIQUE!


  1. Make yourself sound like a robot. Personalize your email. Make it stand out. Be unique. You will never grab anyone’s attention unless you add a little “pizzazz” to your email. Two things you want to steer clear of being: obnoxious and boring. Both will get your email sent straight to the trash can!
  2. Be self absorbed. While being proud and excited about your product is great, no one likes someone who continuously gloats about their product and business. Be realistic and don’t get tunnel vision.
  3. Attach files to your email. If you want to show an image or screenshot, paste it directly into the body of the email. Big files such as PDFs are rarely opened, much less read, when sent in a cold email. If you have extra information you wish to discuss with them, try scheduling a follow up call rather than bombarding them with a plethora of information at once.

And lastly, always remember that your prospect is three things:

  1. Flooded with emails
  2. Only has 1-2 hours per week to meet with someone like you
  3. Overburdened and exhausted

So make sure your email is good. No, not just good, but spectacular. Out of this world. The best thing they have EVER read! Otherwise, they are going to hit that pretty little “delete” button in the top right corner of their keyboard. And you and I both know that is the last thing you want.

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