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Inbound Marketing Blog

Inbound Marketing Blog

Kelly Braun

Kelly Braun was born to write. An award-winning writer with more than 20 years of experience, Kelly understands how to communicate effectively with a broad range of audiences. Responsible for crafting blogs, white papers, and website content, Kelly also enjoys participating in marketing strategy and campaign development. When she’s not engulfed in research or writing at Marketing Essentials, you’ll find Kelly reading, working out, or enjoying the company of her young daughters.

Recent Posts

10 Tips for Branded Content that Hooks a Goldfish

BY Kelly Braun May 31 2018 Content

Attention is harder to capture in today’s online world. That’s no surprise. In fact, you’re probably a goldfish just like everyone else ...


The Best Practice for a Digital Audit that Yields Results

BY Kelly Braun May 16 2018 Inbound Marketing

Do you have a digital marketing program in place and still find yourself saying:


The Difference Between Online & Offline SEO

BY Kelly Braun May 04 2018 SEO

Even as recently as a few short years ago, the process of search engine optimization with regards to your online presence was simple -- you would pick the keywords that you hoped would attract the[...]


Is PPC Really Worth It? There is 1 Way to Know.

BY Kelly Braun April 19 2018 Inbound Marketing

Is PPC really worth the costs? There is only one way to know. And that’s ROI.

Calculating ROI is one of the basic tenets and beauty of PPC. Nearly every factor of Pay Per Click is trackable



Nonprofits: How to Get the Most From a Google PPC Grant

BY Kelly Braun March 28 2018 Inbound Marketing

Ready to test the PPC waters? If you’re a nonprofit, now is the time.

Google Ad Grants are providing non-profits up to $10,000 a month in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising through its AdWords[...]


How and Why to Get Customer Testimonials on Your Website

BY Kelly Braun December 01 2016 Inbound Marketing, Content

Should you put reviews and testimonials on your website?


How to Produce Effective Content in 2017

BY Kelly Braun November 22 2016 Inbound Marketing, Content

“Content marketing is a must-have. Content is how you reach today’s audience. Content is more valuable than advertising. Content is king!”


What You Need to Know About SEO

BY Kelly Braun October 26 2016 SEO

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – is something everyone talks about, yet many don’t understand.


How a Cell Phone Cost a Skilled Nursing Provider Over a Half Million

BY Kelly Braun October 13 2016 Healthcare

With advanced technology and new digital systems in place at most long term care facilities today, it’s imperative that HIPAA policies and procedures are understood, in place and followed. A[...]


3 Reasons You Need to Know What CRO Is

BY Kelly Braun September 27 2016 Business Strategy

CRO - or Conversion Rate Optimization - should be on the forefront of any online marketing strategy today. Gone are the days of extensive website overhauls that end up with stagnant content.