Why Your Sales Strategy Isn't Working, and How to Fix It!

Posted by Marketing Essentials on April 8, 2015 at 9:23 AM     Sales Enablement
Why Your Sales Strategy Isn't Working, and How to Fix It!

What exactly is the sales person’s role if B2B buyers make nearly 65-90% of their buying decision before they even have a conversation with a sales representative? This is a question CEOs and business owners should be asking. If your sales are dropping and you have been using the same sales tactics for years, then it is time to consider a new strategy!

Historically, your sales representative spent most of their time discovering the customers’ needs and selling them solutions. However, customer behavior has since changed. Say hello to the internet that forever changed how they search and look for solutions to their needs! Your customers can now access every form of data and research ahead of time in order to make an informed decision when they buy.

2Inbound March 2015 magazine coverWith the change in how the customer operates and makes decisions, you now have to shift your strategy and understand how your customer goes through the buying process. You need to assess the buying decision before he or she even fully understands their needs.

So how will you adjust your strategy? There are many tactics that your sales team should use to nurture relationships with potential customers. For starters, they need to build trust and drive the prospect through the sales funnel with educational content that will help customers make an informed decision. To read the full article, "Why Your Current Sales Strategy Is No Longer Effective And What You Need To Do To Fix It," by Patty Cisco, please click on the magazine cover on the right side of this page.21 questions to ask an inbound agency

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