(VIDEO 9) PANDEMIC: Protect Your Business from Cyber Crime

Posted by Kelly Braun on May 28, 2020 at 1:20 PM     Recession ProofWebinars
(VIDEO 9) PANDEMIC: Protect Your Business from Cyber Crime

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many businesses transitioning to remote work, yet most were not not fully prepared to do so safely.  As a result, cybercrime is on the rise, from phishing attacks to malware and ransomware. This means conducting business online has become riskier. 

In this webinar, PANDEMIC: Protect Your Business from Cybercrime, experts Ryan Homan, owner of Align Right Technologies, and Tyler Louth, Director of Technologies at Marketing Essentials, discuss why now - more than ever - it’s important to protect your company and your employees by strengthening your company’s online security.



Some questions and issues discussed include: 

  • What risks are associated with employees using their own personal devices for work? 
  • What is the most common avenue for hackers to infiltrate an organization?
  • What type of cybersecurity policies should be implemented - and how? 
  • What kinds of technology infrastructure should be employed to reduce risk?

As the business environment changes day-to-day, it’s critical that we embrace what we can control and how we react to the chaos. Take advantage of these resources now to position your business to rebound.

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