(VIDEO 8) PANDEMIC: Need-to-Know Compliance for Returning to Work

Posted by Kameron Hurley on May 22, 2020 at 10:52 AM     Recession ProofWebinars
(VIDEO 8) PANDEMIC: Need-to-Know Compliance for Returning to Work

In this recorded webinar, PANDEMIC: Need-to-Know Compliance For Returning to Work, we walk business leaders through navigating reopening guidelines to keep their employees and businesses safe.



Our experts, Bryan A. Niemeyer, Certified Labor & Employment Law Specialist at FGKS Law; and business owner Patty Cisco, CEO of Marketing Essentials, discuss how to manage the new and ever-changing return-to-work guidelines, including:

  • What risks or liabilities should a business be concerned about if an employee contracts COVID-19 and traces it back to work?
  • What medical clearance guidelines do employers need to be aware of in regards to employees who were ill with COVID-19?
  • What happens if an employee refuses to return to work?

This timely and information-packed session is appropriate for all businesses.

Catch all of these insights now in our pre-recorded webinar!

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