New to Working Remote? Top 4 Tips to Stay Productive

Posted by Angie Klosterman on April 2, 2020 at 10:38 AM     Recruitment Marketing
New to Working Remote? Top 4 Tips to Stay Productive

At Marketing Essentials, working from home is ingrained in our culture. From our daily video check-ins to conference calls with our clients, we’re constantly connected, no matter where we are located. 

While working remotely may not be for everyone -- there are definitely perks and drawbacks --  there are ways to make it work best for you. Therefore, I asked my fellow teammates here at Marketing Essentials, where nearly all of us work remotely, to give their best tips to stay productive and efficient.

No matter whether you are facing a temporary situation or are making a permanent workforce change from in-office to at-home, use these tips to help you get started. 

Tips to Being Productive While Working Remote

Image of a calendar on a laptop

  • Establish and Stick to a Schedule

“Tell yourself you have to be at your desk by a certain time and treat your morning like you’re actually leaving for work.” - Madison, digital channel specialist

“Get up, get out of your PJs, make breakfast.” - Emily, digital marketing project coordinator

“Put makeup on, shower, get dressed or whatever you need to make your appearance feel productive and support your mindset.” - Kelly, content strategist


Person working on the computer at a desk in their house

  • Have a Dedicated Workspace

“Get everything together you need before starting work, schedule frequent breaks to get up and set ground rules ahead of time if you know a spouse and/or kids will be home for all or part of your workday.” - Jenna, UX/UI web designer and developer

“Look for a standing option if you can -- like a shelf or high-top bar -- so you don’t have to sit hunched at a desk all day. You’ll feel better and probably be more energized, too. Consider investing in a standing desk or riser for your workspace.” - Jessica, content strategist

“Picking the right work station is important. It should be a quiet place with limited distractions that's consistent. Developing a consistent routine will help you focus and get in a groove quickly.” - Tyler, UX/UI web designer and developer


Cleaning the space you'll work in

  • Clear the Clutter

“Either straighten up the night before or take small breaks throughout the day and clean up.” - Brooke, brand and design strategist

“Take quick clean-up breaks. I set a timer for 10 minutes to do a quick tidy of my space.” - Jessica, digital content specialist

“I love a good cleaning break. It lets me move around, free up my mind and clear my space of clutter.” - Lindsay, director of digital strategy


Person on a video call with a co-worker.

  • Communicate with Others!

“When working remotely, it’s often easier to get ‘lost’ in your work. Make a conscious effort to communicate with colleagues a few times throughout the day, even if your current project doesn’t require any interaction. This keeps you connected to others in the same situation.” - Mark, director of marketing analytics


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