Lobstah And More: Marketing Essentials Reviews Three Amazing Boston Restaurants You Need to Try

Posted by Alexandria Frye on February 8, 2020 at 8:36 AM     Agency News
Lobstah And More: Marketing Essentials Reviews Three Amazing Boston Restaurants You Need to Try

On a cold day in January, Marketing Essentials team leaders headed east for a week of training at the HubSpot headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. 

HubSpot - if you’re not familiar - is a marketing software juggernaut. Its content marketing, sales and customer service platforms help power thousands of companies each day, including ours. They quite literally wrote the book on inbound marketing. So it only made sense for us to gather and learn from the best at their account manager training.  

By day, we dove into strategy, customer journeys, and ROI. By night, we quickly became Boston foodies. 

For the best dinner spots, we asked the locals for their suggestions to get an authentic Boston experience. Here’s what we tried - and what we’d get again. 

The Barking Crab

We found this classic seafood shack right on Boston Harbor, not far from the site of the Boston Tea Party. The outdoor dining space was winterized for January and as warm and cozy as could be with an old-fashioned wood-burning fireplace in the center of the restaurant. 

Walking into the old building felt like we were walking out on a dock and onto an old boat placed perfectly in the harbor. The atmosphere was dim and cozy, with twinkling lights across the ceiling and the smell of fried seafood in the air. 

The Barking Crab’s food was a delicious mix of bar food meets seafood. I would suggest the fried shrimp as a local favorite, but if you’re looking for a healthier option they have sweet potato fries, rice and broccolini. You can also find twists on favorites like lobster empanadas and a personal-sized clambake. 

Untitled design (28)Fried shrimp and fries at Barking Crab Boston Interior with woodstove at Barking Crab

The Boston Sail Loft

Another harbor-front favorite was the Boston Sail Loft. With a more upscale menu, the Sail Loft is right on the water and provides beautiful views (especially during the evening and at sunset).

This restaurant is perfect for seafood lovers. We started with a seafood sampler with fried shrimp, calamari and potato skins. You can’t leave Boston without Boston clam chowder, and the Boston Sail Loft has some of the best, served to overflowing in a big mug. 

You won't go wrong with an entree here (including their lobster roll), but if you’re looking for the maximum amount of seafood, you can get a little bit of everything with the grilled seafood dinner - tuna, salmon, swordfish and blackened shrimp. 

Mug of clam chowder at Boston Sail Loft Exterior at night of Boston Sail Loft

The Union Oyster House

If you can only go to one dinner spot in all of Boston, it must be the Union Oyster House. The “Oldest Restaurant in America” has all the character of Boston rolled into the best meal you’ll have in New England. It’s also located on the Freedom Trail and doubles as a National Historic Landmark. 

Various iterations of Union Oyster House have existed since before America was an independent country. From a meeting place for the Founding Fathers’ wives to a favorite haunt of the Kennedy family, this historic building has seen it all. 

They’re known for their - what else? - oysters and lobster, but if you have room, try the crab cakes and calamari. You can also sample some classic Boston baked beans or branch out into lobster ravioli if you’re feeling adventurous. 

Untitled design (30)

HubSpot Hospitality 

We knew Boston would have great eateries, but we were pleasantly surprised with the extensive breakfasts and lunches at HubSpot. 

From their Waffle Wednesday buffet to a full brown rice burrito bowl spread, HubSpot dished up delicious and healthy options for their team members and guests. Here’s what I ate there throughout the week:

  • Breakfast: Loads of fresh fruit, avocado toast, and chia seed overnight oats. 
  • Lunch: Grilled steak, chicken, and shrimp with fresh tomatoes and avocados; lobster mac and cheese; “healthy” wheat cookies with shredded carrots and flax seeds. 

Their kitchen was a healthy “hub” of fresh fruits and vegetables, commercial-grade espresso machines, and even a TeaBot. We definitely didn’t go hungry at HubSpot!

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Where Will We Go Next? 

Our team is passionate about learning and staying ahead of industry trends. We’ve spent 6,000 hours and counting over the last year on professional development and training. That’s pretty incredible for a team of about thirty people!

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