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Is Inbound Marketing Worth the Investment?

Posted by Marketing Essentials on October 3, 2018     Digital MarketingProfessional Services

Since 2006, inbound marketing has been a proven methodology for the digital age. This effective marketing method says good-bye to buying ads and email lists hoping to score viable leads. Instead, it focuses on creating quality content that draws people to your company’s website. The inbound marketing methodology aligns content customers’ interests and needs. It naturally attracts inbound traffic that you delight, convert and close.

The Major Themes of Inbound Marketing

The underlying themes of inbound marketing include content creation, lifecycle marketing, personalization, multi-channel, and integration. Publishers create targeted content that answers customers’ and prospects’ questions and needs. With lifecycle marketing, specific marketing actions help to transform stranger into promoters of the brand. Personalization is the theme of tailoring your content to meet the needs and wants of visitors. Inbound marketing is multi-channel by nature because it approaches people where they want to interact with you. Analytics tools and content creation all integrate and work together on publishing the right content at the right place and time.

The major themes of inbound marketing should be used on blogs, website pages and social publishing. Educational content is used on blogs to attract new visitors. Website pages are a beacon of helpful content to lure the right visitors. With remarkable content on social media platforms, companies can share valuable information, engage with prospects and put a human face on the brand.

The Value of Inbound Marketing

Is inbound marketing really worth the investment? The answer is a definite yes! Take a close look at some of these stats:

  • Inbound marketing results in 54 percent more leads being sent to the marketing funnel
  • It generates three times as many leads over traditional marketing.
  • Using inbound strategies reduces cost per lead by an average of 13 percent.
  • Leads that come as a result of inbound marketing have a 14.6 percent close rate compared to the 1.7 percent close rate of outbound marketing.
  • For marketers who blog, 82 percent report their inbound marketing produces a positive ROI.

These are just some of the statistics that prove that inbound marketing is worth the investment. If you’re seeking to implement an inbound marketing strategy, or would like to learn more about how it can be effective for your business, give Marketing Essentials a call today and talk to one of our Digital Strategists at 419.629.0080.

Inbound marketing can grow your ROI