A Day in the Life of a Solo Marketer

Posted by Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal on April 6, 2017 at 3:17 PM     Digital Marketing
A Day in the Life of a Solo Marketer

7 am - The alarm goes off. I can’t believe it. Is it time to get up already? Sigh.

After scanning my 57 new emails to make sure nothing blew up, I turn on the news and wait for my coffee. A cup of yogurt and a breakfast bar will have to do today.

After hearing the traffic and weather, I get ready for work and head out the door.


8 am - Coffee in hand, I come over to my desk and find a “please come see me” note from the director on my chair. Not again. I have explained to this guy so many times that I cannot just snap my fingers and magically get us on page one of Google. At least we’re in better shape than we were last year. I don’t know what else to do.

After checking my calendar, I sit down to process the inbound leads that came in last night and deal with a hiccup in the delivery of our trade show posters.


9 am - I step into the sales meeting to see what’s going on with at-risk accounts, leads stuck in the funnel, and our inbound leads. I hope they don’t start complaining about the leads again. It’s not my fault they can’t close a sale. 

[Not so] lucky for me, two of our landing pages have a problem with their coding.

After the meeting, I try to track down a developer to fix the landing pages. It takes them forever to respond to my requests.


10 am - Back at my desk, I review my notes and work on my presentation for the quarterly marketing summit. I will be speaking about our marketing calendar, media channels, and target markets.


10:15 am - My phone rings. Fantastic...the swag vendor lost my order for our trade show giveaways that I need by end of the month. After a few phone calls, I find someone to help. We won’t be using them again.


11 am - At my meeting with the director of product development, we look at the metrics in Google Analytics and talk about the number of people who are engaging compared to our revenue goals. After brainstorming, we map out some ideas for a series of targeted emails.

12 pm - A group of us walk down to the food truck, and I bring my chicken burrito with yucca fries back to my desk. While I eat my lunch, I get in a good laugh looking at my social media.

1 pm - Another phone call. Now the CEO wants me to find some industry statistics for him to use in his keynote speech. I jump right on it and send him what he needs.

1:30 pm - I scan through my email again and respond to anything that’s critical. I’ll get to the rest later.

2 pm - Heather from Quick Fix Marketing Solutions arrives. I find a meeting room so we can sit down. I sit through her presentation on yet another software solution that claims to turn a train wreck into a dream machine. I wish. As usual, I promise to send the info up the chain, knowing they won’t even look at it.

3 pm - Back to my summit presentation. I clean up the language and add graphics. I feel like I’m forgetting something.

4 pm - Let me check these analytics. Which content is getting the most attention? I try to decide which insights would be relevant to the stakeholders.

4:30 pm - Why is my message light blinking? Someone called me to clarify the timing of the emails, postcard, dedicated send, and webinar in that new campaign. I’ll call her back later.

5 pm - Oh shoot, that’s what I forgot.

I pull out the blog from last year on emerging technologies. Because this blog was so popular, I want my update to be very similar. It shouldn’t take long.


6 pm - Time to go. One more glance at the email to be sure there are no fires to put out. Let’s see what I have left. I need to check on those trade show posters, finish that blog, scrub my lists, and figure out how to set up a YouTube channel. When do they think I have time to produce videos? Tomorrow’s another day. It’ll have to wait.


7 pm - Home at last. I sit down in my favorite chair and enjoy a cold glass of Coke while I watch TV and chow down.

9 pm - Before I turn in for the night, I like to read for a little bit. I need to stay up-to-date on the new trends in business and marketing.


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