Ask the Expert: How Do I Get Comfortable in Front of the Video Camera?

Posted by Mike Judy on May 24, 2022 at 10:45 AM     Video
Ask the Expert: How Do I Get Comfortable in Front of the Video Camera?

The first time in front of a video camera when creating a company video can be scary. You may feel nervous, awkward and fearful that you’ll mess up. But no need to worry! Most companies today do not hire professional actors or actresses. And most importantly, customers respond better to videos that are authentic. That means they should star the employees, company owners and customers.

To help you get comfortable in front of a camera, review these tips before the day of your shoot.

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7 Tips for Getting Comfortable for a Company Video Shoot

1. Know what you are talking about

First and foremost, understand the strategy of the video. Why is the company creating this video? For what purpose? To meet what goals? What message are they looking for you to help portray?

At Marketing Essentials, we provide our video clients with comprehensive video storyboards. This document includes the video strategy, the day of shoot details (the who, what, where and when), any voiceover scripts to be recorded, interviewee questions and prompts, video examples and imagery to ensure all involved have a thorough understanding of what to expect the day of the shoot and the outcome.

We also advise our clients not to memorize what they plan to say as it often sounds like a robot reading off a piece of paper. Instead, have a basic bulleted list of ideas you want to touch on. It’s ok if you pause or stumble a bit over a word – these are all very natural and will help keep the video conversational.

Lastly, practice before the day of the shoot, but do not over-practice. You want to sound genuine, not rehearsed.

2. Talk slower than usual

Many people tend to talk faster when nervous. Don’t rush through everything you say. Pause between thoughts.

3. Make eye contact

Eye contact helps you connect with viewers. Follow the videographer's instructions on where to make eye contact. Depending on the style of the video, the videographer may ask that you talk directly to the camera, making eye contact with the lens. For other styles of video, you may be making eye contact with another person or looking at a product as you talk about it.

4. Use hand gestures and body language

Don't be afraid to move your hands and use body language to emphasize a point, just like you would if you were having a conversation. Slight movement looks more natural than if you stand there like a statue.

5. Dress for the occasion

Think about the audience and purpose of the video and dress appropriately. Choose something that is comfortable for you and makes you feel confident. Avoid all white or all black as those can throw off the white balance. Also, avoid tight and busy patterns as they can create a distorted effect on video.

6. Keep a glass of water on hand

Dry mouth due to nerves or a tickle in your throat can throw off your confidence. Have a glass of water handy to easily take a sip and get back on track.

7. Don’t worry about the small stuff

Mistakes, such as stumbling over a word or two, are natural and bring authenticity to a video. Whatever you do, don’t keep stopping and starting over. It will be a waste of time and energy to shoot 10 or 15 takes to attempt to get a ‘perfect’ video. Do a couple of takes and move on.

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