5 Types of Business Videos that Grow Sales

Posted by Angie Klosterman on June 24, 2020 at 10:55 AM     Video
5 Types of Business Videos that Grow Sales

Videos of your business, products and/or services are some of the most powerful tools to engage customers, prospects and new employees in today’s online world. Why? Because people are watching more videos than ever before.

When it comes to videos for your company, many people get stuck on what types of videos to produce. As a digital agency that specializes in video for businesses, we advise you to first map out a video strategy that aligns with your target audience, goals and vision. The key to producing efficient, effective videos is having the right strategy in place first.

You'll likely find that some, if not all, of the top five types of videos that grow sales will show up in your video strategy. Watch Angie's video and keep reading to learn more.


Top 5 Types of Videos that Help Grow Business 

1. Videos that Offer a Solution

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? Even Google will pull YouTube videos at the top of the search results if it thinks the video matches your search intent best. Use video to answer your customer's frequently asked questions and post on YouTube, your website and within emails.

Tip: Posting videos on your website can also help you show up in search results by boosting your Search Engine Optimization.

Here's an example of a video offering a solution that could be posted on your website: Let’s say your business installs concrete patios, and a homeowner’s first question is, “What will it cost me?” Don’t be afraid to answer the cost question and do it with video. You want to be the one to give them the answer (versus your competitor providing it!) and that builds trust and transparency in your brand.

2. Videos that Introduce Your Brand

I know it’s shocking, but odds are, someone may have never heard of your company before. Use video to give customers or new employee candidates a tour of your company or to introduce them to your team. 

Let’s say you’re a new boutique that opened a downtown location. You’re looking to get more customers to come through the door. Hold a Facebook Live event showcasing your favorite outfits or go behind the scenes of a photoshoot with new products coming in.

If you’re hiring, video is a great way to show team culture and recruit new employees. A video that shows employees at work, at company events or saying what they love most about their job will draw more recruits than just placing a job ad alone.

3. Videos that Help Sales Nurture Prospects

Instead of sales sending "typical" thank you emails to prospects, help sales stand out with personalized video emails. Sales can build the relationship faster with a video message that personally thanks the prospect and offers a helpful tip.

Another idea, add a personalized bio video to your email signature. Wave, and introduce yourself!

In fact, your entire sales team should be using video on an almost daily basis. In today’s virtual world, it’s essential to connect with prospects in a personalized and timely fashion, which a video allows. (Need a little help in that area? Get tips and tricks to a successful video sales call right here.)

4. Videos that Explain What Your Product Does 

Instead of attaching a pamphlet on how to install your product when it’s delivered, send a personalized email with a video showing your customer how to operate your product after they made the purchase.

Another example of an explanation video would be to walk through your manufacturing process to show your capabilities and answer common questions about your production.

5. Videos that Show Why Everyone Loves Your Product/Service

Videos are a great way to show vs. just telling why people buy from you and why they recommend your product or service to their friends. 

Swap your traditional survey responses by asking your customers for video testimonials. Reach out to your social media followers and ask them to submit videos as part of a contest. Consumers are more likely to trust a brand and buy from it when they hear from people like themselves.

Get Started with Videos for Your Business

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