Why HubSpot: 5 Game-Changing Features a Business Can’t Afford to Miss

Posted by Kelly Braun on October 18, 2023 at 12:52 PM     SalesStrategyHubSpot
Why HubSpot: 5 Game-Changing Features a Business Can’t Afford to Miss

Considering a new platform for your marketing and sales needs? HubSpot might just be the solution you've been searching for. As an all-encompassing CRM, marketing automation and customer service tool, it's designed to simplify and streamline your business operations. Here are five standout features of HubSpot that you need to know:

1) One-Stop Powerhouse Solution

HubSpot is a one-stop solution. Whether you're looking to automate your lead nurturing, work better with your sales team or prove ROI for your marketing needs, HubSpot has the tools that can help you achieve those goals.

“You might be currently using a hodgepodge of marketing and sales tools that get the job done, whether it’s one tool for email nurtures, a chatbot, another tool to manage service requests, and another to track your sales team's efforts. 

Lindsay Eilerman, Chief Client Experience Officer at Marketing Essentials“By using HubSpot, you can reduce the amount of time you're spending switching from tool to tool, moving data from tool to tool, and instead spend your time on marketing efforts that actually yield results,” points out Lindsay Eilerman, Chief Client Experience Officer at Marketing Essentials. 

“Not only are you reducing your tool costs and your software expenses, but you're also reducing the expenses of moving your data back and forth and the chance that mistakes will happen because your data isn't accurate.”

2) Plugin Availability and Flexibility

If there's a specific tool you can't let go of, don't worry. HubSpot boasts an extensive app ecosystem, allowing you to integrate various tools, from Outlook and Salesforce to LinkedIn and Google Ads, keeping all your data and operations centralized. Having HubSpot makes it easier for you to communicate and stay on the same page when using various tools, making all of your individual efforts united as one. 

3) Marketing ROI Tracking

Gauging the effectiveness of marketing campaigns can be daunting. But with the HubSpot Marketing Automation Platform, it becomes a breeze. Whether you're investing in trade shows, magazine ads or email campaigns, HubSpot provides precise tracking to identify which strategies lead to actual sales. This detailed insight ensures that you invest more in what works and re-strategize what doesn't.

“Having a closed loop data reporting system makes it easier for you to make smarter choices,” Eilerman says.

4) Sales and Marketing Alignment

Seamless communication between sales and marketing teams is crucial. In fact, one of the key reasons a business needs a CRM like HubSpot is to bridge this common gap, offering a holistic view of all data and customer interactions

HubSpot provides this one-stop source of truth for all of your data, making it easier for sales and marketing to stay aligned. It allows marketing to see what is working and not working, and it helps sales operate efficiently, as they can see which leads are valid and which leads are clogging the pipeline.

If you’re still tracking leads and customers in spreadsheets or, even scarier, each salesperson is managing his or her own way of tracking, a CRM like HubSpot should be a non-negotiable.

Tyler Louth, Chief Executive Officer at Marketing Essentials“If a team member left tomorrow, would his or her customer knowledge go out the door also? Having a CRM allows this documentation and information to be evergreen throughout the company no matter the turnover,” Tyler Louth, Chief Executive Officer at Marketing Essentials, says.

One of the biggest challenges many businesses face is not having a centralized system for data-keeping. HubSpot provides a single repository where sales, marketing and customer service teams can share company contact information, records and notes.

5) Customization and Ease of Use

Power and user-friendliness don't always go hand-in-hand, but they do with HubSpot. The platform is intuitive and can be tailored to match any company's specific needs. Adjustments can be made easily, ensuring that the system always aligns with your business goals. And if you ever hit a roadblock, HubSpot offers extensive training via the HubSpot Academy to help you get back on track.

In essence, HubSpot is not just another tool. It's a comprehensive solution designed to optimize, simplify and improve your marketing and sales endeavors. If you're in the market for a platform that reduces costs, improves data accuracy and genuinely makes a difference, HubSpot is worth a closer look.

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