Website: To Rebuild or To Renovate? [Infographic]

Posted by Kelly Braun on March 25, 2020 at 3:46 PM     Website
Website: To Rebuild or To Renovate? [Infographic]

All growing businesses face the inevitable at some point --  a website project!

Your website is your digital foundation. It’s key to driving revenue growth, lead generation and employee recruitment in today’s online world. But where do you start when it’s your foundation that needs repair?

Do you completely tear it down and build it back from the ground up? Can you patch and repair cracks and broken pieces?

It’s a tough decision and a lot plays into the answer - design, user experience, SEO, the CMS platform, and of course, costs. 

To help you uncover the best way to attack your website project, use this infographic to help you decide  -- rebuild? Or renovate?


Should I Rebuild My Website from Scratch?

website: rebuild or renovate?


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