How to Update Your Old School Sales Strategy {Video}

Posted by Patty Cisco on September 19, 2018 at 11:19 AM     SalesIndustrial & Manufacturing
How to Update Your Old School Sales Strategy {Video}

Are you still using old-school sales tactics? It’s time for an update. Here’s why — and how — to incorporate a digitally-driven sales strategy.


Manufacturing Sales Tips: Final Thoughts

Main takeaway: today’s new buyer simply won’t tolerate pushy sales tactics, so cut the cold calls. Every time you contact a prospect, always ask yourself:

  1. Am I providing them with a solution to their problem?
  2. Am I providing them with valuable information?

Next Step: Once you’ve updated your sales team strategy, you’ll need to make sure that your marketing and sales efforts are aligned. This is key to increasing efficiency and accelerating revenue generation.

For more tips on updating your old school sales team, use our free B2B guide, Is Your Current Sales Strategy Resulting in Closed Deals?

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