Traditional Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Senior Living Recruitment

Posted by Melissa Smalley on June 3, 2024 at 11:28 AM     Senior Care & Living
Traditional Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Senior Living Recruitment

Looking to fill your recruitment pipeline? Although digital marketing strategies can be effective, don’t overlook tried-and-true traditional marketing methods that can draw in the candidates you’re looking for. 

Does traditional marketing still work for recruitment? 

Yes! Traditional marketing methods like job fairs, print ads and signage can still be great ways to find and hire the best candidates. However, there are a few keys to making them work for you: 

  1. Test, test, test. As with any marketing strategy, not every method will work for everyone. Test different methods and be prepared to analyze the data to see what worked, what didn’t and what you need to change. 
  2. Pair traditional strategies with digital techniques. Use technology to create a mix of ways to attract candidates. For example, if you’re handing out a flyer at a job fair, include a QR code that leads users to a landing page where they can apply (and where you can track the number of visitors). 

Three traditional marketing techniques to try for recruitment 

1. Direct mail 

Many consumers consider direct mail items, such as postcards and letters, to help them move closer to a purchase.

Since your target audience likely includes Millennials, this will be worth your investment. A 2019 USPS study found that Millennials are more likely to take action based on marketing mail. In fact, 67% said they frequently or occasionally use marketing mail as a prompt to go online. In other words, direct mail can have an impact on those who are considering employment with you. 

The key is to target a specific audience with your direct mail piece and strategically coordinate your digital strategy to align with your messaging.

2. Consider getting in front of students 

Speaking to students and being visible at their schools is a great way to build brand awareness with your target candidates. This can be very effective due to your face-to-face interaction with the candidate. Don’t miss an opportunity to present to a class of students to bring brand awareness to your organization or join a local career fair. 

In addition to individual events, consider how you can partner with area schools. Look for vocational schools or colleges nearby; most offer clinical education programs. This is an opportunity for you to offer mentoring, education, scholarship opportunities, career advancement and much more! Be creative in your partnership to boost students’ interest in your company. 

3. Try an employee referral program 

Your current employees can be your best brand advocates. One way to begin an employee referral program is with an incentive program for employees who want to refer potential candidates. Ensure your employees know the job openings and how to share them with friends and family.

Next, encourage employees to participate in the employee advocacy program. Create a brand advocacy program that gets employees involved in your social media. Have them write testimonials or do a video with them to tell their story of how they have advanced their career in senior living. Encourage them to like and share the posts on your social campaigns. Just make sure you have a social media policy and follow it.

Get More Tips for an Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy 

Finding and hiring the right candidates for your open positions can be tough. Get a roadmap you can use to start boosting your number of applicants, keeping candidates engaged through the hiring process and increasing your retention rate. 

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