The Benefits of Blogging

Posted by Patty Cisco on June 23, 2016 at 11:30 AM     Content
The Benefits of Blogging

Blogging: Another task to do. One more thing on your ‘To Do List,” which seems to magically grow larger and larger every day. You may wonder, “Is it really worth my time? Will it really benefit my company’s profitability?”

What if I told you blogging was one of the simplest ways to affect your ROI? Well, guess what? It is. 55% of leads enter your website through a blog.

Why Blog?

Let me reiterate: Most people are visiting websites to read blogs. Social Marketing Writing states that 80% of all daily blog visits are new. The first step a modern day customer takes when making a purchase or decision is researching online.

What can you do to ensure your company’s website is among the top organic results they see? One valuable option is to blog. Blogging can put you in front of your potential customer’s eyes and pull them to your website.

Over 225 elements are used to rank your site. One important element used is the number of pages on your website. The more you blog, the higher the blog SEO value. In other words, the search engines are driven by fresh, original content, such as blogs. The higher you rank, the more leads are pulled to your website.

Field of Leads: If You Blog it, They Will Come

Just like the movie Field of Dreams, if you blog it, potential customers will emerge. Maybe not from cornfields, but they will come. If you generate worthwhile, intelligent content that your readers or potential customers find useful, you develop an authority and a following. Readers will come back to read your blogs, share and reread if they find your topics relevant. Blogging may also help build stronger relationships with existing customers as it creates loyalty between you and the customers.

A Little Help From My Friends: Lend Me Your Ears and I'll Write You a Blog

Add variety to your blogs with various authors and experts. Do you have subject matter experts at your company? Ask them to write about what they know or compile quick tips on their area of expertise or tasks a customer would find interesting. What are the main processes or elements that take place at your company? How do you do them? What best practices does your company use that makes you the best at what you do? Blogging will help you become a go-to expert in your industry. Not only will blogging on relevant topics showcase the professionalism and know-how your employees have, it may also help cultivate a sense of pride and boost morale.

Ready to get started?

Tips on How to Blog

  • Make an outline. Develop an outline of categories that focuses on your brand, and blog about topics relating to those categories.
  • Keep it brief. You don’t have to create in-depth and long posts. Most readers respond better to shorter, more concise posts.
  • Link it. If your company has social media pages, be sure to link to them somewhere in your blog. You’ll want to put links to your blog on your social media sites as well.
  • Be Patient. Results take time. Don’t get discouraged if you feel like your blog is not getting any hits. Just keep at it, and it will soon catch on.
  • Build your content. Starting your blog is the first step, and once you have that done, you need to continually pump out new content that is relevant to your target persona. It must be interesting enough that they actually engage with it.
  • Ask for help. Need assistance with your blogging strategy? We can help you figure out how to get started. Connect with an inbound strategist at Marketing Essentials today and we can help answer any questions you may have.

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