M.E. Women Attend Fill Your Cup Conference

Posted by Kelly Braun on May 12, 2022 at 9:49 AM     Agency News & Culture
M.E. Women Attend Fill Your Cup Conference

A group of women at Marketing Essentials was honored to attend the Fill Your Cup one-day, self-care conference, held May 6, 2022, at the Oak & Iron Event Space in St. Marys.

This event brought together a diverse group of women from all walks and chapters of life, career and family. Attendees spent the day learning how to transform feeling overwhelmed or burnt out into rediscovering your self-worth and making space for dreams and desires. 

The day included motivational and self-help speakers, meditation, light movement, journal reflection and more. Investing in yourself is the key to a more balanced, productive and joy-filled life! 

Marketing Essentials Women at the Fill Your Cup Conference

Let’s start filling your cup with these key takeaways from our team:

Angie Klosterman, Marketing Specialist

“My top takeaway was the quote, “busy is not a badge of honor.” I think as a mom with kids and a lot going on, it’s hard to find some time for myself, especially when “busy” seems like it’s every day. Mom guilt is real, but it’s true that you have to fill your cup to assist those around you. Now, I just have to practice POUR, the four ways to fill your cup: Press pause, Open up, Unplug, Reflect.”

Ericka Kessen, Marketing Specialist

“Some of the best takeaways from the conference I now have written on my bathroom mirror, so I see them when I wake up and multiple times a day. They are: ‘Today is a new day. Don't carry over the baggage from yesterday,’ and ‘The difference between being a worrier and a warrior is how you talk to yourself.’ ”

Jenna Rosengarten, Marketing Specialist

“My biggest takeaway was learning the QTIP (Quit Taking It Personally) method. It was nice to be reminded that I am not in charge of other people, and I am not in charge of their actions. You can love and care for people without taking responsibility for them.”

Jessica O’Brien, Content Strategist

Marketing Essentials Women at the Fill Your Cup Conference“Fill Your Cup was a great reset and chance to press pause in the busyness of everything else going on in the world. I was reminded that we each don't need to be experts at everything individually, but by working as a team we can bring our strengths and create a better outcome than working alone. It's also OK (and necessary) to give yourself some breathing room and take a step back from whatever you're doing to give yourself a chance to think and observe." 

Janel Schmitz, Project Manager

“One of the tips I learned at the conference to help overcome worry is to look at the ‘what if’ as a positive outcome versus a negative outcome. Eighty-five percent of the time, the negative outcome does not happen, and if it does, you will get thru it!”

Melissa Smalley, Business & Marketing Strategist

“I enjoyed Barb Roose the most. I learned that you will always have worry and anxiety, but there are ways to win the battle. You must find ways to win it intentionally."

Hayley Stratton, Strategist & Coach

“My takeaway was a quote from speaker Sylvia Brownlee, ‘The things you do today prepare you for what you will be in the future.’ “

Brooke Taylor, Senior SEM Strategist

“The quote that will stick with me from the conference, ‘God doesn't choose the qualified; he qualifies the chosen.’ ”

Erika Huffman, Marketing Specialist

Marketing Essentials Women at the Fill Your Cup Conference"The Fill Your Cup Conference was a great experience! I learned some valuable tips on how to limit my time spent scrolling on social media and instead be more present and live in the moment with those around me."

Mary Tangeman, Director of Client Services

“Fill your cup was just that, knowing when your cup is empty and when/how to fill it up again! It’s okay to be vulnerable. Accept yourself. Be OK with being you no matter what that means.” 

Alexandria Frye, Project Manager

“It was great to hear stories of how women were able to empower themselves to navigate through life's many changes. One thing that was true for all of us: you can't pour from an empty cup. Embrace the current season you are in and learn how to ‘refill your cup,’ however that may be for you.”

Jessica Lammers, Director of Creative Strategy

“My biggest takeaway was when Amber Zaricor said ‘Stop Should'ing Yourself!’ I do this to myself all the time, and it was like she was speaking directly at me. As a full-time working mom, the to-do list is never-ending. I feel like if I take some time for myself, whether it's taking an hour to read a book, do something artistic or take a nap, I am constantly saying in my head that I should be doing something more productive. Amber gave us some great tools to give ourselves permission to take that time, even schedule it on our calendars, to do something for ourselves every day. This is a new habit I am trying to incorporate into my day, even if it's only a half an hour.”

Rachel Stephens, SEO Specialist

“Ashley Goldman discussed that social media addiction has become society's most accepted addiction. There are signs that we can look for to recognize that we might have an addiction or would benefit from time off social media. One thing I think everyone can benefit from is to avoid looking at social media first thing in the morning or last thing before bed.”

Leah Green, SEO Specialist

Marketing Essentials Women at the Fill Your Cup Conference“I was really impressed at how real and vulnerable the speakers and the other ladies running the conference were. It was very comforting to see that they were very aware that they were being emotional, but they were also okay with being emotional in front of everybody. I have already created my own spin on a calming technique they recommended. I breathe and count to five and exhale the word hippopotamus. I've also been using this technique with my 2 ½ -year old and my sister who works in education. Going to this conference has also given me the ability to fill others' cups with these concepts.”

Amber Tobe, SEM Specialist

“Keep your top 5, your top 5. Be intentional and present for those top 5. Pour into your circle, but make sure they also pour into you and push you positively. If not, remove the toxic people in your life/circle. If your busy life requires you to ‘schedule’ time for your top 5, that's fine.  Just make it happen! Their positivity fills your cup.”

Kelly Braun, Senior Content Strategist

“Your identity is not defined by your roles — a mom, your occupation, your hobby, etc. Those can be taken away. Your identity can’t be taken away. It’s your superpower. Take the time to care for yourself — to uncover the true nature of your unique self.”