Build Your Content Library with Video!

Posted by Patty Cisco on October 7, 2015 at 7:16 AM     ContentVideo
Build Your Content Library with Video!

Even as recently as just a few short years ago, online video still left a lot to be desired. The type of high-speed Internet connections required to really do justice to streaming video were still a novelty in many areas and completely unavailable to much of the country.

Flash forward to the present day and suddenly millions more people have blazing-fast Internet connections, leading to an increased consumption of Internet video as a result. We live in an age where building a content library with video isn't just an important part of your online marketing strategy - it's practically a requirement at this point.

How Are Users Experiencing Online Video?

To get a more clear idea of just how important a video content library is to your business, you need to look at a few key statistics. According to Cisco, the total number of online video users is expected to double in 2016 to 1.5 billion people across the globe.

Not only does online video now fully account for half of the traffic on mobile devices, but it can be as high as 69 percent of all traffic on certain types of connections. Wow! Make no mistake: online video is here to stay and if you want to allow your business to grow and evolve in the digital space, you need to start taking full advantage of it.

Putting Video to Work for Your Business

To the average user, video presents a wide range of different advantages that can't be ignored. Human beings by nature are visual creatures, which is something that video very much taps into. Say you posted a 100-word blog post about a new product or service that your business just launched and a 30-second video containing the same information.

Even though you're putting across the same information, users are still statistically much more likely to watch the video than they are to read the blog post - even though both experiences take up about the same amount of time. People are also much more likely to share a video than they are a blog post, especially on a mobile device. When you let that sink in, you can begin to get a grasp of how powerful video really is.

The reason why building a content library of videos is so important actually falls into two distinct categories. For starters, search engines like Google now look at publication frequency when determining how credible a site is and how it will be ranked. One video or blog post may be great for users, but it really won't do much as far as your search rankings are concerned.

Publishing a steady stream of videos on a regular basis that are then accessed for all time in a content library, however, services both goals at once. Not only do your users get to interact with your business from a marketing perspective in an ideal format, but the frequent creation and uploading of those videos will benefit your search rank at the same time. It’s a win-win situation; who doesn’t want that?!

Suddenly, your business' online success becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more frequently you publish videos, the more views you get and the more interactivity you have with your customers. The more than happens, the higher your search rank climbs - thus allowing new customers to discover your business and experience what you have to offer for the first time. Suddenly your content library is the proverbial "snake that is eating its tail," only in the absolute best way possible from an inbound marketing perspective.

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