Boosting Senior Living Recruitment: A Guide to Social Media & Digital Ads

Posted by Melissa Smalley on May 29, 2024 at 12:19 PM     Senior Care & LivingRecruitment Marketing
Boosting Senior Living Recruitment: A Guide to Social Media & Digital Ads

Due to labor shortages and a competitive labor market, standing out as an employer of choice in senior living is more crucial than ever. This is where the power of social media and digital advertising comes into play. These tools can highlight your company culture and attract top talents in a cost-effective and highly efficient way.

5 Tips for Using Social Media and Advertising for Recruitment

1) Showcase Your Culture on Specific Recruitment Pages

Social media is a vibrant stage for engaging with potential employees. To truly make an impact in recruitment, go beyond your brand's main accounts and establish specific social media pages dedicated to recruitment. Share the essence of your organization’s culture, highlight employee experiences, promote recruitment events and announce job openings.

2) Tailor Your Message

Understanding the distinction between your employee persona and your customer persona is key. Your marketing efforts should not mix messages intended for potential hires with those aimed at your residents. This clarity ensures your content resonates with the right audience, keeping your marketing channels focused and effective.

Craft an employee value proposition — a statement that shows the value your organization offers to employees. It should give candidates an idea of the company's personality, highlight your differentiators and help you stand out from competitors.

3) Amplify Your Reach with Social Ads

While organic social media posts play a significant role in building your employer brand, social ads offer a targeted approach to recruitment. They should direct potential candidates to apply through a form, visit your career’s website page or land on a specific landing page. By leveraging detailed targeting options based on demographics, interests and more, you ensure your ad spend goes directly to engaging those who fit your ideal candidate profile.

4) Expand Your Reach Even Beyond Social

Consider diversifying your advertising strategies to capture an even wider audience. Platforms like Indeed are perfect for reaching active job seekers and experienced professionals. Leveraging Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, text search ads and display/video ads can be incredibly effective for tapping into a pool of passive candidates — those not actively job searching but open to opportunities.

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5) Maximize Impact with a Strategic Plan

The essence of a fruitful recruitment campaign lies in a well-crafted strategic plan, a blueprint for efficiently navigating the recruitment landscape. This plan involves a deep understanding of your organization’s culture and values, identifying ideal candidate personas and pinpointing where these candidates spend time online. It's about leveraging data to guide decisions, setting clear objectives and measuring success through key performance indicators (KPIs).

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