Why Is Your Website Losing Viewers?

Posted by Kelly Braun on September 8, 2016 at 10:00 AM     Website
Why Is Your Website Losing Viewers?

What may be causing website viewers to click off your site?

The No. 1 culprit – friction.


What do we mean by friction?

Friction is any element on your website that is slowing down, confusing or stopping users from progressing through your site and your company’s sales funnel.

Basically, friction kills conversion.

The good news is you can reduce friction, and that doesn’t mean an entire website redesign or overhaul.

Begin with an analysis of your site and your buyer’s journey. Make changes based on how the user interacts. Use a Growth Driven Design model to allow you to make design changes based on what the data tells you.

CTA: A Growth Driven Design website means NEVER going through an extensive site rebuild again. Find out how!

  •       Are your users clicking through to the pages you want them to see?
  •       Do your Calls to Action match where your buyers are in the sales funnel?
  •       Do you have multiple Calls to Action that are competing with one another?
  •       Are sidebars distracting from conversion points?

All of these elements can be causing friction.

Reduce Friction

In a digital and oftentimes mobile world, today’s consumers don’t have time for friction.

The layout of website pages should be focused on eliminating any source of friction that may inhibit the visitor from converting to the next step in the sales funnel. For example, distracting sidebars with multiple CTAs would decrease the click through rate for the primary call to action positioned at the end of the main page copy.

7 Website Conversion Checks to Make Today

  1. What’s the attention ratio or ratio of links to campaign conversion goals? The best ratio is           1:1. For every campaign goal, there should be only one place to click.
  2. Is the form user and mobile friendly?
  3. Is the content punchy and to the point?
  4. Are the fonts easy to read?
  5. Is the messaging consistent across the conversion platform?
  6. Are you testing and optimizing on a regular basis?
  7. Does your CTA stand out?

The better the user experience, the better your conversion rates will be. Reduce friction to get viewers to stay and engage on your site and ultimately convert into your loyal customer.


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