What You Need to Know About SEO {Video}

Posted by Kelly Braun on October 26, 2016 at 8:00 AM     SEOVideos
What You Need to Know About SEO {Video}

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – is something everyone talks about, yet many don’t understand.First off, let me give you the skinny on SEO. 

The Skinny on SEO

SEO helps the search engine robots figure out what each page of your website is about and how it may be useful for users. The search engines then use this information to rank and help users find the websites and information they are searching for.The reality in SEO today is that search engines are highly sophisticated.The days of driving traffic to your site by packing headlines with keywords are long gone.


How SEO Has Changed

SEO today is about how people are interacting with your website. It’s about intent and the user experience.Are people interacting with your website? Is there fresh, relevant content? Are they finding the answers they’re looking for?Not only do you have to get the clicks, but you have to satisfy user intent.


5 Must-Do Tips in SEO

SEO is complicated, but here are 5 quick tips everyone should be doing in SEO:

  1. Fix broken links. When we talk about user experience, no user wants to find a broken link. Also, include any relevant outbound links within content
  1. Diversify your content. Keep it fresh and keep it focused on what your audience is searching for.
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  1. Again, it’s not keyword stuffing. It’s making your content user-friendly with header tags, bullets, lists and white space.
  1. Optimize for mobile. Google has been actively penalizing sites that aren’t responsive. Today’s users are mobile, so this ranks very high when considering user experience.
  1. Page speed. The faster it loads, the more likely your audience will stay on your site, click through and convert.


In the world of search, change will be a constant. For this reason, SEO must continue to be a priority if you want to remain competitive on the web. 

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