Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine {Video}

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Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine {Video}

 You put a lot of effort into attracting visitors to your website, but how many of them convert?

Transforming website visitors into qualified leads requires an attractive, easily navigable website, engaging content and imagery, expert SEO treatments and skillful social media promotion. Let’s look at what matters most for each of these elements.

A Web Design that Promotes Conversions

While you may prefer a certain color scheme or layout, a web design that promotes conversions must begin with your ideal customer in mind. Discover what appeals most to your personas and include elements that appeal to them. In addition, be sure that every element on every page is easy to find and explore.

Is your site following these design tips that promote lead conversion?

Content that Solves Customer Problems

Instead of using your digital real estate to tell the world about your offerings, describe how your products and services solve the specific challenges your ideal customer faces every day. You will still be informing them of your offerings, but providing practical solutions to their biggest problems is a powerful incentive for engagement.   

Social Media that Engages

The beauty of social media is it’s primarily social, not an endless current of advertisements. By providing informative, entertaining information that piques the interest of your ideal customers, you cultivate relationships and set the stage for an occasional enticing offer.

SEO that Gets You Found

Whether exploring a general topic or looking for an answer to a very specific question, prospective customers typically begin their searches with Google. By consistently publishing original, high-interest blogs, social media posts and up-to-date web content, you satisfy this hungry beast.

The best way to improve your Google rank is to keep pushing engaging quality content and stick to SEO best practices.  

For more specific SEO tips, watch this engaging 2-minute video where Patty Cisco, MBA, explains why SEO matters to you.



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