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Inbound Marketing Blog

Inbound Marketing Blog

Online brand: How important is it to your census?

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal May 10 2016 Inbound Marketing, Senior Living

“Assisted Living and skilled nursing providers feel they don’t need to pay attention to digital marketing. Their census is controlled by the direct referrals they receive from the hospitals so[...]


Increase Occupancy with Lead Nurturing

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal September 16 2015 Senior Living, Business Strategy

You’ve created compelling content, engaged your prospects on social media, and your website is looking (and working) great. Finally, the online leads are rolling in. Phew! All your hard work has[...]


Using Social Media to Grow Your Occupancy

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal September 11 2015 Social Media, Senior Living

With how technological we have become, it’s no longer enough just to have a functional website. If you want to make your online endeavors truly effective at increasing the occupancy of your senior[...]


5 Reasons Senior Living Content Fails to Increase Occupancy

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal August 24 2015 Senior Living, Content

Whether they’re a senior who no longer feels safe living home alone, or a child of a senior who desires a better lifestyle for their parent, making the decision to move into a senior living[...]


How to Shorten the Independent Living Sales Cycle

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal August 07 2015 Inbound Marketing, Senior Living, Business Strategy

Today a new resident is moving in. A few family members are helping to move in her belongings and your staff is doing everything they can to make her feel welcome.

This new resident used to be[...]


4 Factors Driving Consumer Choices in Senior Living

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal August 06 2015 Inbound Marketing, Senior Living

For every purchase, whether it be a good or a service, there are key factors that have a heavy sway on a buyer’s final decision. But what are these factors for senior[...]


With Assisted Living, Who is Your REAL Online Audience?

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal July 22 2015 Senior Living, Content

When it comes to digital marketing, knowing your audience is everything. Speaking directly to your audience goes a long way to enhancing the effectiveness of your message.


Your Website Is Your Digital Lobby

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal July 20 2015 Senior Living, Web Design

Think about how much effort and attention you put into making your lobby look good. Your furnishings, wall art, colors, and plants have all been chosen with particular care and you strive to keep[...]


Are Your Senior Living Photos Breaking the Law?

BY Jenna Schultz April 16 2015 Inbound Marketing, Senior Living

Are you incorrectly using and posting photos online to represent your senior living organization? Maybe you found your image via a Google search and then decided to post it with your most recent blog[...]