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Inbound Marketing Blog

Inbound Marketing Blog

Can you afford to lose potential Sales Qualified Leads?

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal February 21 2017 Branding & Design, Email Marketing

It’s not difficult to do.

  • According to Marketo, 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy.
  • Only a quarter of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales, notes Gleanster Research.
  • [...]

Email Marketing: Is It Worth It? You Better Convert It.

BY Brooke Taylor September 29 2016 Email Marketing

Your consumer is in the driver’s seat now. It is imperative that you take a step back and focus on ensuring that your emails convert. You can begin increasing your email conversion rates by[...]


5 Things You Should Evaluate for Your Next Email

BY Haley Dillon July 21 2016 Email Marketing

Are you wondering why the emails you’re sending to potential clients/customers are not getting the results you ultimately want: conversions? Don’t give up hope just yet! It is worth the time and[...]


7 Reasons You Need to Use Email Marketing

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal June 21 2016 Email Marketing

Why is email marketing one of the most worthwhile marketing techniques you can use? Think about snail mail. If you’re like me today, you likely sort quickly through the stack, going “Junk, junk,[...]


Nurturing Leads & Keeping Customers with Email Marketing Automation

BY Jenna Schultz June 16 2016 Email Marketing

Email marketing remains at the top of the list for one of the most successful avenues to digitally market your organization. Email marketing tactics include, but are not limited to, email[...]


How to Use the 6 Types of Email Marketing

BY Kelly Braun March 24 2016 Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a powerful channel when used correctly. But if it’s in the wrong format, with the wrong message, sent at the wrong time, you can guess exactly where that email is[...]


Why It’s So Critical To Measure Email Marketing Campaigns

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal December 08 2015 Email Marketing

It's just email, right? Who bothers with tracking email campaigns? It's enough just to send it, isn't it? Sure, if you don't intend to sell anything or move the needle on your brand. But if those[...]


Testing Your Email Campaigns Can Make All The Difference

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal November 30 2015 Email Marketing

It's widely understood that an email marketing campaign that uses best practices will always outperform a campaign that doesn’t. However, the process shouldn’t end with design. It's critical to[...]


Stressed? No More! Courtesy of Email Marketing

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal November 06 2015 Email Marketing

Inbound marketing can involve using many channels to bring the right traffic to your site. One of the best ways to grab the attention of your preferred customer is to go right to them with the[...]


Save Money With The Many Benefits of Email Marketing

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal November 03 2015 Email Marketing

We live in an era where people all over the world no longer have to wait until they get home from work or school to check their email. Yet while many still enjoy sending and receiving email on[...]