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Inbound Marketing Blog

Inbound Marketing Blog

Build a Website and They'll Come...But Will They Come Back?

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal August 28 2015 Web Design, Contracting

No one needs to tell you how important return clients are to the construction business. Chances are, if you do a great job, your client will think of you the next time they have a project. But[...]


What Are You Missing By Not Being Online?

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal August 27 2015 Inbound Marketing, Contracting

It’s an inescapable fact. People spend a ridiculous amount of their time on the web. It’s where we all go when we’re seeking information and your prospects are no exception. If your marketing plan[...]


5 Ways to Nail Your SEO and Get Local Business

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal August 12 2015 SEO, Contracting

SEO, or search engine optimization, is more than getting traffic to your website, it’s about getting the RIGHT traffic. For many industries, including construction, this means attracting qualified[...]


Make it Mobile: Does Your Website Need Remodeling?

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal July 24 2015 Web Design, Contracting

Let’s be honest. When is the last time you went anywhere—out to lunch, to a meeting, to a job site— without seeing dozens of people on their phones? Your prospective clients aren’t any different.[...]


SEO for Electrical Contractors: It’s Like Wires for Your Website!

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal July 23 2015 SEO, Contracting

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of optimizing online content to make your company easier to find on the web. It’s an essential part of getting online[...]


A Blueprint for Success: Is Your Content Structurally Sound?

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal July 08 2015 Content, Contracting

You wouldn’t build a house using outdated construction methods, so why aren’t you using the latest content marketing practices? Building a strong content marketing strategy is a lot like making a[...]


You’re Online...But Are You Doing Anything with It?

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal July 07 2015 Inbound Marketing, Contracting

Gone are the days when merely having a working website is enough. The online world is vast; a simple search for “contractor” yields results well into the hundred of thousands. You know you’re the[...]