The Importance of Analyzing Your Digital Data

Posted by Patty Cisco on October 22, 2015 at 6:54 AM     SEO
The Importance of Analyzing Your Digital Data

You already know that including the Internet within your overall marketing agenda is of the utmost importance. After all, without an Internet presence these days, a business is much more likely to close its doors than its competitors who have established an online brand. Keeping this in mind, you likely already have a website and a few social media profiles. But what are you doing with these marketing platforms? Are you analyzing your digital data? If not, here's a quick look at several reasons you need to be.

Online searches are leading the way for new purchases

Before consumers make a purchasing decision, 89 percent of them complete an online search. Because of this, your company needs to be using its online data to deliver targeted messages to prospective customers.

Data is useless if you don't measure it

So what if you get 350 website visits a day? This doesn't mean 350 transactions are taking place. To effectively use your digital data, you must analyze it. This involves pinpointing where the visits are coming from, including location, age, and gender of the people visiting your site. Once you pinpoint who these people are, you can then have a better understanding of who it is that's interested in your products and services. You must use this data to develop inbound marketing strategies that attract the attention of these visitors and persuade them to make a positive purchasing decision.

Your online activities should depend on your digital data

All of your online activities should be based around the data you collect. For instance, your blog postings should be directed at various customer segments; these segments should be created by analyzing your digital data. Your email marketing endeavors should be based around the data, as well. Let's say you send out 25 emails each day of the week. After analyzing email data, you discover that Tuesdays are regularly the days you get the most responses. With this knowledge, you know that more time should be devoted to emailing leads on Tuesdays.

Developing an inbound marketing strategy first starts with knowing who your customers are and how to attract their attention. Inbound marketing is not interruptive, and it focuses on warming customers to your brand instead of shoving it in their faces. By analyzing your digital data, you can be well on your way to better understanding your customers and how to properly attract them through inbound marketing tactics.

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