Our Favorite Remote Workspaces (And Why They Work)

Posted by Angie Klosterman on April 7, 2020 at 12:00 PM     Recruitment MarketingCulture
Our Favorite Remote Workspaces (And Why They Work)

If you’re like most people in the midst of COVID-19, you’ve suddenly found yourself logging onto a video conference call from your kitchen table while just five feet away your husband is noisily microwaving a bowl of soup and your children are fighting over the last cookie. Not stressful at all …😩

Working from home -- especially when you are not prepared -- can be difficult. And let’s face it, working from home is not for everyone.

However, if you’ve found yourself in this situation, now is the time to take time to set up a workspace that works best for you.

Even before the pandemic, my team at Marketing Essentials already had the option of working remotely up to four days of our work week. Therefore, our at-home offices were already established, and we were used to working from home in a way that was productive and efficient.

I wanted to share with you some of our workspaces (including mine) and why they work. I hope you find inspiration (and a little less stress) whether you’re new to working from home or are planning to set up a permanent home office.

Our Homes Offices and Tips to Stay Productive

Incorporate Plenty of Natural Light

Emily, digital marketing project coordinator workspace

“My workspace is next to a huge window - it is so nice to catch a glimpse of the outside and have natural light.” - Emily, digital marketing project coordinator


Have a Place Where You Can ‘End’ the Day

Brooke, brand and design strategist workspace

”I have a dedicated office in my house. When the workday is done, I just close the door. I made it creative as well so that I always have inspiration around me.” - Brooke, brand and design strategist


Keep All the Necessities Close

Jenna, UX/UI web designer and developer workspace

“I love it because it’s my own dedicated space with plenty of room for everything I need.” - Jenna, UX/UI web designer and developer


Claim the Space as Yours

Jessica, digital content specialist workspace

“I have my own little corner in the attic. It’s close by a window for natural light and to let fresh air in if the weather allows.” - Jessica, digital content specialist


Limit Distractions

Kyle, SEO/SEM strategist workspace

“I have a standing desk upstairs where it's nice and quiet, so I can focus on work and conference calls with little background noise or interruptions”. - Kyle, SEO/SEM strategist


Sometimes Variety is Nice

Lindsay, director of digital strategy workspace

“Today it’s my kitchen table! It’s tall enough to stand at, and after a week in my basement office, I’m craving the natural light of all of these windows.” - Lindsay, director of digital strategy


Take the Corner Office

Mark, director of marketing analytics workspace

“I like having the dedicated "corner" office, with the option to stand or sit. And a backup desktop just in case.” - Mark, director of marketing analytics


Make It Personal

Angie, digital content specialist workspace

“My office is upstairs, which means I can separate from the rest of the family when I need to, and I love that it features my favorite colors and items. I also have a daybed in case I want to stretch out, as well as plenty of natural light to keep me productive.” - Angie, digital content specialist


Is Working from Home Right for Your Company?

Thanks to having the option of working from home, if I need to take my child to a doctor’s appointment, I can do so and flex my time to work later in the day from my home office space. The benefit of being able to put my family first is something I value and makes me an overall happier employee. 

And I’m not alone -- having the option and flexibility to work from home is something the upcoming workforce seeks. It helps support the work-life balance we all crave. In fact, according to a generational study by PwC, 64% of millennials want to work from home in some capacity.

Careers with remote work options are expected to grow, and I predict we see more and more of this option as businesses compete for the best candidates.


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