Marketing Essentials to be part of Ohio Marketing Summit 2019

Posted by Kelly Braun on July 31, 2019 at 8:54 AM     Agency News
Marketing Essentials to be part of Ohio Marketing Summit 2019

Marketing Essentials is proud to be a part of the 2019 Ohio Marketing Summit, where 250+ Ohio-based brands will come together to share fresh ideas and new tools in marketing and sales.

Attendees at the Summit, which will be held Aug. 13 in Columbus, Ohio, will come from a mix of local and national brands in the corporate, cultural institution, public agency and nonprofit sectors.

Our very own Patty Cisco, CEO and founder of Marketing Essentials, will moderate a panel discussion on differentiating your brand and capturing audience engagement in a world of noisy digital and traditional channels.

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“It’s a great opportunity to collaborate and share concepts in branding, lead generation, conversion rate optimization and more. We’re excited to bring back some great marketing strategies for our clients.” - Patty Cisco, CEO Marketing Essentials

Stop by Our Agency Booth at the Ohio Marketing Summit

For those attending the Summit, look for our Marketing Essentials booth in the exhibition area.

We’ll have a team of digital marketing experts ready to answer all your questions on website redesign projects, digital lead generation, social prospecting, SEO, employee recruitment marketing, sales enablement and more.

We’ll also have lots of free professional guides and resources to take back to the office to help you map out your marketing plans for 2020.

How to find us: Look for T-shirts designed with our mantra: “Strategy First, Tactics Second.”


Ohio Marketing Summit 2019 Panel Sessions

Panel discussions will include:

Differentiation & Engagement through Content & Data

With so much noise across an overwhelming number of digital and traditional channels, how are brands standing out and being seen? Customers are generating original content, so how are brands capturing their experiences to tell authentic and distinct stories? How are brands utilizing the data they compile to reach the relative audience?

Patty Cisco will be moderating panelists:

  • Bill Winans, Vice President, Brand Strategy and Marketing, United Way of Greater Cleveland
  • Mary Ellen Smalley, Director, Marketing & Communications, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
  • Deb Kaylor, Vice President Brand Marketing, Gorilla Glue
  • Jeanette Geer, Director of Healthcare Strategy, Spectrum Reach

The Ohio Brand

How do Ohio brands stay true to their roots while expanding marketing efforts to target a growing audience? Panelists broach challenges they’ve faced breaking through stereotypes to portray the complexity of their brand in-state, nationwide and abroad.

Panelists will be:

  • Todd Napier, Vice President, Marketing, Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants
  • Robert A. Spademan, Chief Marketing Officer, Cleveland State University
  • Kim McBroom, Chief Marketing Officer, Toledo Mud Hens
  • Risa Goehrke, Director of Marketing, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Women & Leadership in Marketing

Get fresh perspectives from female leaders on marketing and the ascent of women in America. This is a discussion of authenticity and empowerment, equity and innovation, and of women as customers, storytellers and trailblazers.

Panelists will be:

  • Ann Guess, Head of Marketing, Retail Division, Mettler Toledo
  • Mary Beth Pate, Executive Director, Marketing & Philanthropy Communications, Cleveland Clinic
  • Melissa Bailey-Harris, AVP, Strategic Marketing Communications, The Ohio State University
  • Nicole Koharik, Vice President of Marketing, Union Home Mortgage Corp.

Customer Experience, Care & Insight

How are brands measuring and enhancing their customers’ excitement and satisfaction? How are they improving responsiveness, efficiency and UX design? During this panel, brands and their partners discuss bridging the gap between digital and face-to-face experience while analyzing meaningful insights drawn from the data.

Panelists will be:

  • Cathy Fischer, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Signet Jewelers
  • David Williams, Senior Marketing Director, GOJO Industries
  • Melissa Day, Sr. Director - Health & Wellness, Doctor and Patient Experience, Walmart
  • Natalie Parscher, Vice President - Communications and Marketing, The Columbus Foundation
  • Rob Krohn, Vice President of Marketing, Epcon

Reputation Management & Nurturing Loyalty

A discussion of the ways brands are proactively preventing negative emotions and engaging constructively with customers. How are brands supporting positive reputation growth through customer-to-customer reviews, messages and content? What role does reputation play in loyalty? Is reputation damage irreversible?

Panelists will be:

  • MarJean Kennedy, Director, Business Development & Marketing, Holzer Health System
  • Sara Bittorf, SVP Chief Marketing Officer, Bob Evans Farms, Inc.
  • Heather Schreiber, Digital Marketing Director, Ply Gem
  • Tasha Hussain Black, Vice President of Marketing, The Andersons, Inc.

Building a Successful Brand/Agency Collaboration 

Panelists from both sides discuss how marketers and their creative partners build and sustain a truly collaborative partnership. What are the ingredients for equity, success and sustainability?

Panelists will be:

  • Amy Gath, VP Marketing, Formica
  • Ronald Gerlach, Marketing Director, Grote Industries, Inc.
  • Rochelle Hartigan, Marketing Director, GE Lighting

The day will also include case study presentations and a keynote address by Terrance Williams, President of Emerging Businesses & Chief Marketing Officer, Nationwide Insurance.

Don’t forget to stop by our Marketing Essentials booth in the exhibition area!