Marketing Essentials Takes Boston: HubSpot, Seafood, Old Dogs & More

Posted by Patty Cisco on February 12, 2020 at 7:00 AM     Agency NewsStrategy
Marketing Essentials Takes Boston: HubSpot, Seafood, Old Dogs & More


“There is a flock of birds on the runway, and we will need to circle back to land,” says the pilot as I and my co-workers hover over Philly with only minutes to get to the gate for our final destination, Boston. The birds head south. The plane lands. And sporting tennis shoes, we mad dash to the gate. We make it with just seconds to spare and beads of sweat on our brows.

Our trip to HubSpot headquarters in Boston for a week of training started off ablaze and the 🔥 never stopped. We learned everything from high impact, quick wins for our clients to advanced training on HubSpot automation tools. And, an old dog even learned some new tricks … keep reading... 


Marketing Essentials Takes On HubSpot

At Marketing Essentials, our approach to training is different than what you may find at other marketing agencies. Because our primary focus is digital marketing and sales -- an industry that changes at lightning speed -- we invest hundreds of hours each year to keep our team highly advanced and up-to-date on the latest digital tools and strategies.

In January, it was time for the leadership team (our directors of digital strategy and project coordinators) to get the latest training from HubSpot, one of our certified marketing partners, at its headquarters in Boston. We gained new knowledge and a renewed sense of drive to serve our strategic partners. We also enjoyed historical sight-seeing and filled our bellies with fresh seafood and more.

The Marketing Essentials leadership team recently went to Boston, MA for training!


Our Most Valuable Takeaways from HubSpot Agency Account Management Training 

We arrived on a Monday, and our first stop was enjoying some delicious East Coast seafood. We spent the rest of the week at Agency Account Management courses with trainers Evan Dean and Erica Agrodnia. What were our most valuable takeaways? I’ll let the team fill you in!


Miranda, a Director of Digital Strategy who has a creative spirit and strong passion for her clients, says her biggest takeaway was better understanding her client’s journey as a customer. 

Miranda Director of Digital Strategy at Marketing Essentials

“When onboarding a new client, it is extremely important to understand the customer journey the client has already taken. They have likely been researching your agency for some time, already spoken to sales and are excited to see results. I want to make sure I always openly communicate with new clients the process and pace it will take to see results. Ultimately, it comes down to understanding how they define success and keeping communication open.”


Hey, that’s me 👉,  Emily! I am a Digital Marketing Project Coordinator and am excitedly awaiting my first child🤰! My biggest takeaway was on data reporting and implementation of plug-ins for integrations.

Emily Director of Digital Marketing Project Coordinator at Marketing Essentials

“While we work in HubSpot every day, sometimes it takes a new dog to show an old dog new tricks! Working with HubSpot experts, I learned some new, quick and easy ways to effectively showcase data for our clients. I also talked with other attendees about plug-ins they used and the value gained from each so I can make even better recommendations to my clients.”

Next up, Mary. She is a Director of Digital Strategy and our go-to point person for problem-solving. Her biggest takeaway was: feedback, feedback, feedback!

Mary Director of Digital Strategy at Marketing Essentials

“Asking for feedback at every stage in the process is vital! Whether you are working with a new client and want to ensure the deliverable met their expectations or you are working with an existing client to ensure the strategy is aligned with their Key Performance Indicators, ask for feedback! What is working really well? What isn’t? This input better fuels your plan of action. The more open and transparent you can be with your clients, the more trustworthy you are in the partnership and the better your overall results.”


Alex is a Digital Marketing Project Coordinator who’s always on top of the latest in social media, and of course, “the juicy scoop.” What did she take away from Boston?

Alex Director of Digital Marketing Project Coordinator at Marketing Essentials

“Always provide value to your clients, and quick wins too. As an agency partner, we need to understand what are quick wins for them and what will take more effort and money to complete. Think, high impact, low effort! I also took away the importance of communication. It is the foundation of trust, something vital when moving into a new partnership and equally as important for maintaining existing ones.”

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 12.05.15 PM-1

Last, but not least, meet the man who kept us ladies in line: Kurt. He is a Digital Marketing Project Coordinator and former coach who knows how to get results out of his team. His most valuable takeaway from HubSpot training 2020 was on providing the most value as a strategic partner.

Kurt, Director of Digital Marketing Project Coordinator at Marketing Essentials

“I learned a wealth of knowledge about the entire customer journey -- First Impressions, First Value, Intended Value and Extended Value. We need to ask ourselves how can we provide value in all four of those areas as we execute marketing tactics for our clients. It’s about being that strategic partner who can help the client provide value from beginning to end of each customer experience.”


While the trip was quick, the five of us were so grateful to not only Marketing Essentials for sending us, but to everyone at HubSpot who made us feel welcome and created a safe space for learning. Not only did we grow professionally, but we also grew as a leadership team and that makes us serve our clients even better.

The leadership team of Marketing Essentials spend valuable time learning how to serve their clients better at HubSpot!

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