Is My Website Like a Bad Customer Service Experience? {Video}

Posted by Patty Cisco on April 19, 2017 at 11:01 AM     Website
Is My Website Like a Bad Customer Service Experience? {Video}

User experience is like customer service. It describes the interaction between a person and a business. Like a person who calls Visa to speak to someone about a credit card account, every computer user types a series of words into a search engine to find information. In either case, the ideal outcome would be for the information sought to be easy to acquire. Let’s explore that a little bit further.

When the customer service representative at Visa addresses callers with a friendly greeting and quickly provides information and politely offers to assist with any additional requests, the experience will be positive. Callers will be more likely to use this card, and speak highly about it among their peers.

What is Website User Experience (UX)?

In the same manner, when a computer user types in a few words, only the websites that are indexed by those words will appear in the search results. This reflects the search engine optimization (SEO).


Computer users conduct searches to find specific information. After reaching a website, a user will quickly scans headlines and images on the visible portion of the page. If, and only if, the user finds the initial scan appealing, will they stay on the page.


If there is interest, the user will then explore the content. The menu must be simple and easy to navigate. At this point, the SEO of the website has attracted the user and the website design and content has captured their attention.

inbound marketing builds leads

As the website delivers the information sought, visitors are offered access to high-value content that is related to their searches. These enticing offers describe the insights unveiled in the content and its potential immediate benefit.


As the visitor clicks the Call-to-Action (CTA) to accept the offer, a form will appear. For returning visitors, these form fields may be pre-filled. As the completed form is submitted, the visitor becomes a lead.


If visitors come to the website in search of a product, they can be led directly to related product descriptions that enable them to buy the product immediately.

How to Measure My Website UX?

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