How and Why to Get Customer Testimonials on Your Website {Video}

Posted by Kelly Braun on December 1, 2016 at 8:00 AM     ContentWebsiteVideos
How and Why to Get Customer Testimonials on Your Website {Video}

Should you put reviews and testimonials on your website?

Most definitely!


No. 1 – your customers begin the buyer process online. They google whatever product or service they are looking for.

In fact, a consumer review survey found 92% of consumers read online reviews. And 68% said positive reviews make them trust a business more.

Secondly, testimonials from your satisfied customers – whether in text or video on your website – essentially transform your sales pitch into a credible, unbiased recommendation for your product.

Also, reviews can impact your SEO. 4 and 5-star rankings, testimonials and reviews can boost Google’s ranking of your business as trustworthy and reputable – meaning you’re more likely to turn up in search results.


How to get testimonials from customers

  1. When your Facebook page is set up as a business page, it comes with a review tab for your customers.
  2. Encourage your sales team to use LinkedIn – from prospecting to retention of customers. When a satisfied customer recommends your sales person and the company to another, ask permission to be able to note this recommendation on your website.
  3. And finally, just ask them. Equip your sales team with a process and template of how to ask and what to ask to get credible testimonials and reviews from your satisfied customers.


Three tips that make a good testimonial

  1. It’s filled with benefits. It’s not just “This product is great.” It’s “this product did XXX for me.”
  2. It substantiates your claims. It's proof, facts, and figures that back up what your sales pitch tells them.
  3. It’s credible. It includes a name, company, and location. Adding a photo adds even more credibility.


The difference between a testimonial and a review 

  • A review is direct from customers, typically on third-party sites.
  • A testimonial is initiated and moderated by you, or your sales team, for your company site.
  • A hybrid of a review and testimonial uses a web-based application to allow users to leave reviews directly on-site. These can contain star ratings and comments.

 On a final note, never, ever invent a testimonial. This is not good business practice, and the end result will not be good when someone discovers its fraudulent.


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