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Inbound Marketing Blog

Inbound Marketing Blog

Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal

As founder of Marketing Essentials, Patty’s continual quest and drive for helping businesses grow is her passion. With over 30 years of strategic business management and leadership experience, she is known as a catalyst and understands the challenges CEO’s and Marketing Directors face in executing inbound digital marketing & sales strategies that yield results. No surprise you will find her feeding her hunger for life long learning with a good book and latte!

Recent Posts

3 Tactics to Reduce Your Cost Per Lead

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal May 11 2018 Lead Generation

As a marketer, you are constantly confronted with the task of minimizing and optimizing your company’s Cost Per Lead.

But here’s a vitally important question: are you calculating your Cost Per[...]


Are You ready for Inbound sales challenges?

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal November 03 2017 Sales Enablement



You want me to do what?

That was my first response when faced with the challenge of Hubspot’s Dan Tyre’s Pipeline Generations Bootcamp.


Is My Website Like a Bad Customer Service Experience? {Video}

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal April 19 2017 Website, Videos

User experience is like customer service. It describes the interaction between a person and a business. Like a person who calls Visa to speak to someone about a credit card account, every computer[...]


What SEO Won't Do for You

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal April 12 2017 SEO

While optimizing your website for search engines is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy, it doesn’t do enough. SEO must be paired with other essential elements to successfully[...]


A Day in the Life of a Solo Marketer

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal April 06 2017 Digital Marketing

7 am - The alarm goes off. I can’t believe it. Is it time to get up already? Sigh.


Meme: Solo Marketer

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal April 04 2017 Digital Marketing

Are You Trying to Do it all Alone?

Marketing Essentials can partner with you to achieve your business goals with data-driven inbound digital marketing strategies. Act now to learn how Inbound[...]


Use Conversion Rate Optimization to Get Customers

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal March 30 2017 Lead Generation

Have you optimized your website and sales funnel to the utmost? If not, you may be costing your company revenue.


How Do You Convince Your Boss Digital Marketing Works?

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal March 30 2017 Digital Marketing

“Because its purpose is to create a customer, your business has two purposes and two purposes only:  Marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation make you money, generate sales, produce[...]


Collecting Inbound Sales Data – Where do I  begin?

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal March 24 2017 Sales Enablement

Do you currently collect data on your customers and potential buyers? Do you know what to do with that data once you receive it? Do you have a grasp on what kinds of data are the most important to[...]


How to Convince The CEO to Increase Your Budget

BY Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal March 16 2017 Digital Marketing

You understand the importance of Inbound Marketing. You know that up to 50% of generated leads are qualified, but not ready to buy right now. You’ve read the HubSpot report that shows inbound[...]