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Inbound Marketing Blog

Inbound Marketing Blog

Jordan Staugler

Jordan spices up our mix with his love for analytics. He is a social media expert and can strategize campaigns to increase your ROI. He came to our company bringing his film and magazine background he gained from working in the Cincinnati market. He spends his free time on Twitter or consulting his pug, Bailey!

Recent Posts

3 SEO Points to Keep in Mind When Developing 2017 Content

BY Jordan Staugler November 08 2016 SEO

The year of 2016 brought many updates to SEO and Google’s search algorithm. Some major changes were the updates to Pigeon 4.0 (Real-time) and Possum, which heavily impacted local search results.[...]


How Google’s Possum Update Affects Your Ranking

BY Jordan Staugler October 28 2016 SEO

Google has made quite a few updates to the search algorithms in the last few months. Do you know how they could positively or negatively affect your website?


6 SEO Pop Songs That Will Improve Conversions

BY Jordan Staugler August 25 2016 SEO

Full disclosure: I’m a sucker for pop songs and secretly think Katy Perry is amazing. With that being said, I’ve come up with 6 SEO Pop Songs that will help your website improve its SEO ranking[...]


Not Utilizing Analytics Can Tank Any Marketing Strategy

BY Jordan Staugler December 29 2015 Digital Marketing

Understanding your target audience, check.

Laying out a strategic plan, check.

Integrating your campaigns, check.

Reviewing and digesting analytics. Uh. Hmmm.

If this sounds like your marketing[...]


When You Fail to Plan...Not Integrating Marketing Campaigns

BY Jordan Staugler December 22 2015 Digital Marketing

Inbound marketing is proven to show astounding return on investment (ROI) - if that marketing targets buyers correctly and designs attractive content that guides them through the sales funnel. A[...]


Four Ways That Lacking A Solid Strategy Blows Up A Marketing Campaign

BY Jordan Staugler December 17 2015 Marketing Strategy

Successful inbound marketing engages prospects and leads them gently through the buying stages. Plan it out, and it goes relatively smoothly and offers up heaping rewards. Don't put adequate time[...]


Want A Stellar Inbound Strategy? It All Starts with A Little Understanding

BY Jordan Staugler December 16 2015 Marketing Strategy

Productive marketing professionals consistently move forward with new ways of branding their messages and reaching their audience. Creating attractive content, building SEO, and developing key [...]


Understanding the Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

BY Jordan Staugler November 20 2015 SEO, Social Media

With Google's release of their Panda algorithm update in 2011, the most powerful search engine on Earth changed the face of SEO overnight. Sites that only focused on keywords and provided very[...]


The Ever-Changing Relationship Between SEO and Keywords

BY Jordan Staugler November 19 2015 SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed dramatically since it first came onto the scene in the mid-1990s, and nowhere is this more evident than in how Google and the other search engines[...]


The Future of SEO: 2016 and Beyond!

BY Jordan Staugler November 17 2015 SEO

In early August 2015, Google changed the way they deliver local search engine result pages (SERPs). Although there was little publicity even inside the Internet marketing world, it is, perhaps,[...]