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4 Emails You Should Send to Improve Prospecting Efficiency

Posted by Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal on September 17, 2018     Email & Automation

Did you know that the most damaging and common mistake made in prospecting is when the salespeople begin selling their product or service too early? The goal of prospecting efforts should not be built around the theory of influencing your prospects to buy from you, but rather they should be designed to convince your prospect to simply talk with you. When you switch your tone from “why you should buy” to “why we should talk,” you will notice a substantial difference in the amount of people that may hit “reply” rather than “delete.”

4 Types of Prospecting Emails

One thing you must understand when you begin prospecting is that your efforts should involve multiple investments, not just a “one and done” act. Specifically there are four types of prospecting emails you should be incorporating into your prospecting:

  1. Nurture Emails

A nurture email is your primary tool for focusing on organizational value, as well as to help you familiarize the prospect with your company. This type of email should be used strictly as an opportunity to share your teaching point-of-view, challenge your prospects thinking and demonstrate your full attention and understanding to their world.

  1. Follow-Up Emails

If your first (or fifth) follow-up email sent is overlooked, don’t get discouraged. Follow-up emails are often overlooked and, unfortunately, it is partially due to lack of value within the follow-up email. This email, which is typically sent after you’ve received no response to your previous emails, should give the same attention to detail as your previous emails. Why? Because it is your best opportunity to continue to build your brand message. Try A/B testing your follow-up emails, in order to determine what your users click on and view. And always remember to give them value (not crap!) in their follow up email.

  1. Why You, Why You Now (WYWYN) Emails

Okay, this is one of my favorite emails, partially because of the awesome name, of course! If you read our blog, you know that we continuously stress offering value to your customers. And rightfully so; if your customers don’t find value in what you have to offer, they will find someone that can give them what they are looking for (and you’ve in turn lost the sale! No!). In your WYWYN emails you need to (1) Tell them why you are the person and company they should talk to and (2) Let them know why they should talk to you now. Be especially clear in your communication; you can even try pairing it with your “teaching point of view.”

  1. Business Case Emails

This type of email is used much later in your prospecting process. Business case emails require some ground work investigation as well as some hypothetical business case analysis, which you will want to highlight throughout your email. Typically, this email should be sent to the individual just under the person with the level of authority you are seeking.

By beginning to incorporate these four emails into your prospecting pipeline (and directing your prospects to your website throughout your emails), you will soon become a master at these emails and start to see an increase in quality of traffic and engagement on your website, as well as an increase in overall leads and phone calls.

P.S. Before sending any emails ask yourself this, “If I were receiving this email, would I find it worthwhile to review and would I want to take action?” If the answer is yes, send it! If the answer is no, go back to the drawing board and begin again, keeping your customer in mind throughout.

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