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3 Secrets to Achieve Better SEO Results Today

Posted by Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal on September 14, 2018     SEO

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, can be complex and somewhat hard to grasp. Different approaches can be used, depending on the results you would like to achieve on your website. Do you want more qualified leads? Want higher attendance at an upcoming event? Want to sell more products from your online storefront? It all comes down to how you position your SEO.

3 Secrets to Achieve Better SEO Results Today

While it may get confusing the further you dig, there are a few simple steps you can take to boost your SEO presence immediately. These tips are great for small companies and large businesses alike.

The secret is to keep up with changes in search engine algorithms. Based on the most recent updates, here are 3 tips to achieve better SEO results today.

1) Blog Multiple Times a Month

Every business has a unique solution to a problem. People are searching for answers for their problems. In fact, 91% of users say they perform searches at least once a month.

You may think paid SEO is the easier way to go. While that does have some merit, 70% of searchers click on organic links. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has its place in the mix but usually not as much as SEO.

So, what does this have to do with blogging? Blogging is great for multiple reasons: 1) The more fresh, relevant content and keywords you have on your site, the higher your company’s frequency in organic search engine results. 2) It allows you to show potential customers you know what you’re talking about. Offer your knowledge, help those in need, and soon you’ll see your web traffic rise.

Remember: Consistency is just as important as the topics you post. While you don’t have to post every day, be sure to post a few times a month (it may help to create a posting schedule). Once someone begins to follow your work, they will soon come back for more. However, if new content isn’t readily available, they will soon move on to someone else.


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2) Optimize Page Titles

When creating blogs, an engaging title is critical. The same can be said for the pages of your website. The title you use for each page is what shows up first in search results. It’s important to use keywords and phrases in those titles that you think people are using to search.

Be sure you don’t make the titles too short or too long. If the title is too short, it stymies the number of keywords, hurting your overall search results. However, you don’t want to “keyword-stuff” your title either. Google can only display up to 70 characters on their search results page. When crafting your title, be creative, but don’t be misleading. You only get one chance at a good first impression.

3) Make Your Website Responsive

In today’s world, you never know how someone views your website. In the past, you were 99.9% sure that someone was using their desktop or laptop. Nowadays, they can view it on their phones, tablets, TVs, and more. Your website needs to be able to accommodate all of these—and future—devices. Google has even gone so far as to penalize those that aren’t.

To put things in perspective, 60% of all searches are now done on a mobile device. While users may still view your website from their laptop or desktop, 40% of users say if a website is not mobile-friendly, they immediately move on to someone else. Don’t lose out on potential customers simply because your website needs updating. This is an opportunity that can easily fall through the cracks.

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Hopefully, these tips have helped you create a plan to improve your SEO in 2017. If you still have questions and concerns on how to handle future updates, be sure to reach out to Marketing Essentials. We offer professional SEO services and a free 30-minute consultation on ways to improve the performance of your company’s inbound digital marketing. Request your free consultation today!

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