2017 Resolution: Stop Losing Customers

Posted by Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal on December 15, 2016 at 8:00 AM     Social Media
2017 Resolution: Stop Losing Customers

Are you concerned that traditional methods of advertising are losing you customers?

You know you want to generate more leads and clients in 2017, but you aren’t sure which approach to use. When you think about the marketing plans and advertising methods your company’s used in the past, the first thing that comes to mind is traditional methods, such as billboards, radio, newspaper, and television.

 If online advertising does cross your mind, it’s usually Google ads and banner ads that make their way into your marketing budget. However, there are other sources that offer the respectability of traditional advertising with the punch of social advertising.

Have you ever stopped to think about the many benefits of social advertising on LinkedIn?

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The Benefits

Social advertising gives you a unique targeting opportunity. One of the many benefits of LinkedIn advertising is that not only can you target by geographic location and age demographics, similar to Facebook, but you can also target by job title, industry, company name, and more. Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing via LinkedIn can play a critical role in your marketing plan.

According to Statista, LinkedIn currently has over 460 million members. In a recent study, 77% of business professionals polled said that they saw LinkedIn as the social media of choice when looking for professional content. While there is nothing wrong with Facebook, Facebook tends to lean more on the business-to-consumer and event-sharing side of social media. LinkedIn is where you need to be in a B2B market.

If you are worried about cost, LinkedIn provides a lot of bang for your buck. Campaigns can be disseminated for as little at $10 a day. You can start and stop your ad manually any time you’d like, with no contract required. You also can split your budget between multiple campaigns, targeting separate audiences at the same time.


Increase Your Visibility

One additional (and free) way to get the most benefits and increase your visibility on LinkedIn is to make sure you have a company page on the site. Since not everyone may see your LinkedIn advertising, it’s important that they have more than one way to find you. To speed up the SEO process of your LinkedIn company page, ask your employees, current clients, and any vendors to follow your page. Include any products, services, or specialties you offer. The more activity and followers your page has, the more frequently it will show up in searches.


Find the Right Channels

I completely understand that it can be intimidating to try a new form of advertising when you don’t know where to start, but hopefully, I’ve helped point you in the right direction. With social advertising, just like any other form of advertising, you need to make sure you are using the appropriate channels.

LinkedIn advertising isn’t for every type of business. It’s one way to get your message in front of people that match your buyer persona (in other words, your ideal customer).

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