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Google Is No More...Kind Of

Google Is No More...Kind Of

By Marketing Essentials August 11 2015 SEO

Huge news came out of the Google camp last night, as the company announced that it is reorganizing its overall business model. While the tech giant started out as an internet search provider, Google has lately become known for its ventures into other groundbreaking subsidiary companies, from those dealing with biotech research to self-driving cars. With this business restructure, however, the organization will now be separated quite a bit.Debunking SEO Myths

Introducing Alphabet

With Monday night’s announcement, the parent company formerly known as Google will now be called Alphabet. Under this new parent company, however, the Google brand (and company) will continue to run. In an effort for clarity among investors, the other businesses previously under the Google umbrella--such as Calico, Nest, Fiber, and others--will now be separate from Google, yet still subsidiaries of Alphabet.

The businesses that will remain a part of Google are: Search, Advertising, Maps, Apps, YouTube, and Android. As the New York Times put it, Google is simply “separating its moneymaking businesses from the moonshot ones.” The company had become so diverse across various technological industries that it only makes sense to make this type of move. The functionality and other features of Google should remain unchanged.

How Will Google’s Change to Alphabet Affect My Business?

Now to get to the most important question of this news: “how will it affect me and my business?” Well, the company changes within Google, Inc. will have a minimal effect overall. With that being said, with this massive overhaul of its business model, Google has essentially allowed itself room to do what it does best.

From now on, Google can focus on Google.

Google continues to make adjustments to its services that ultimately affect those who matter most: the customers. Earlier this year, the tech giant made a huge change to its algorithm in order to award websites that are mobile-friendly. It did that because an increasing number of people are searching from their mobile devices.

With its reorganization and “new” company of Alphabet, Google continues to make changes that help to facilitate continual innovative thinking, resulting in continual technological advancement. Google is focusing on buyer behavior and, more importantly, buyer experience. And I hope you and your company are taking notice (and following suit). It’s more important than ever to have a solid digital strategy to ensure you get found online and deliver a great user experience, which will in turn generate quality leads for your business.

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